Popetse Toys



Childhood and Nature


From the beginning of the adventure Popetse Toys, we wish to get involved for the children of today and of tomorrow.

By the choice of fabrics and selected materials, Popetse Toys asserts her position eco - sustainable. Only recycled fabrics(1 ) and natural fabrics(2 ) are used for the preparation of our dolls and accessories.

Our desire to involve us for the great cause of the children becomes a reality in February, 2014 with the operation " Support SOS Children's Village " (3). Popetse Toys gets involve with the association SOS Children's village do something for the children of the whole world.




(1) Recycled fabrics: they are fabrics coming from falls / cups of fabrics not used for the manufacturing of coats, curtains, etc... All these fabrics are washed at high temperature once collected and handled against acarids with organic products.

(2) Natural fabrics: they are certified fabricsnatural 100 % (wool, cotton, linen, etc.).

(3) " Support SOS Children's Village ": This is the name of the operation organized with the association SOS Children's Village, by which Popetse Toys makes a commitment to put back 5 % of the profits of each of our sales for the children.